K Build – EZstrip

In pump category: EZStrip Range

The K build series is made up from the following sizes.

K34K,Z35K, Z36K, Z37K, Z38K, Z39K,Z3AK, Z3BK

Materials of construction

This range of Mono™ pumps is available in cast iron or stainless steel casings, with a choice of rotor and stator materials.

We supply a full range of spares competitively priced such as rotor, stator, coupling rod, flexishaft, shaft, pin kit, gaskets, bearings etc.

Eliminates dismantling lengths

Suction and discharge ports remain connected to the pipe work.  Easily upgrade from any model PC pump, or retrofit an existing EZstrip™ pump model.

No special tools required

Pump requires only a wrench and an allen key to maintain.


Domestic and industrial sewage Hydrated lime slurry
Sludge Shear sensitive latex emulsion
Milk curds Sauces
Fruit juices Industrial chemicals
Detergents Coating clays
Gypsum and silicate Paper stocks
Agricultural slurries Starch slurries


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