Single Stage – Epsilon

In pump category: Epsilon Range

The single stage series is made up from the following sizes.

Z34A, Z35A, Z36A, Z37A, Z38A, Z39A, Z3AA.

Materials of construction

This range of Mono™ pumps is available in cast iron or stainless steel casings, with a choice of rotor and stator materials.

We supply a full range of spares competitively priced such as rotor, stator, coupling rod, flexishaft, shaft, pin kit, gaskets, bearings etc.

Drive shaft connection

The Flexishaft® eliminates wearing components between the drive end and the pumping element.  No lubrication is needed, therefore product contamination is eliminated.  A shorter Flexishaft is available where space saving is a priority.  Mono’s Flexishaft is backed by a 10 year warranty.

High pressure / long range pumping

Can offer considerable project savings by utilising small bore pipework and eliminating the need for a series of pumps.

Low running speeds

Reduced wear for longer working pump life which extends the periods between routine maintenance.


Domestic and industrial sewage Hydrated lime slurry
Sludge Shear sensitive latex emulsion
Milk curds Sauces
Fruit juices Industrial chemicals
Detergents Coating clays
Gypsum and silicate Paper stocks
Agricultural slurries Starch slurries


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